The Kissing Rock and the Legend of Charlie Snelgrove


Find out why it’s good luck for couples to kiss at the Kissing Rock!


There is a legend in Thorold of a Kissing Rock located at the Lock 7 Viewing Complex. Back when the 4th canal opened, the canal was a bustle of activity. Many ships would have to wait at the mouth of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, sometimes for days, to get through the canal system.

Charles Snelgrove was among one of the sailors on the ships at that time. Charles was from England, orphaned at a very young age and sent to Canada for a better life. When old enough, he eventually ended up as a sailor on the Great Lakes.

Thorold was a hive of activity for sailors and they, at times, had quite a bit of time of their hands. Now, Charlie being quite a good looking, charming man, would meet many a young lady while in port. Before boarding the ship at Lock 7, Charlie would bring the ladies to the rock in Thorold to say good bye and kiss the girl.

It didn’t take too long before many sailors learned of what Charlie was doing and would bring their girlfriends or wives to kiss goodbye on the rock, sometimes chipping a piece of the rock and putting it in their pocket for a safe journey. Sailors, being a superstitious group considered it back luck to defy fate by leaving at Lock 7 without visiting the Kissing Rock.

The tradition should live on with anyone hoping for happiness and luck in your relationship – simply meet and kiss at the Kissing Rock.

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