The Process of Getting a Rental Apartment in Toronto

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The Process of Getting a Rental Apartment in Toronto

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Finding a rental apartment in the city of Toronto can be a bit challenging especially when hundreds of other tenants are still competing for the same places. The second largest town in Canada with more than 2.5 million people enjoys a broad range of amenities and an attractive growing economy. The booming city is full of life following the trendy clubs, nice cafes, festive parks, and the greatest art gallery. The film festivals held there are enough to attract as many residents as possible. The furnished apartments in downtown Toronto consist of houses, apartment buildings, and condominiums.
Searching for a Rental Apartment in TorontoSo many companies and real estate agents in Toronto help you in getting an apartment matching your preference. The property owner pays the agent through a commission. Therefore, the tenant does not have to worry about the costs incurred. Additionally, there are plenty of online tools for finding apartments in the city of Toronto. You may also decide to look in your neighborhood for any sign of vacant rentals. The Toronto Real Estate Boards together with the Landlord and Tenant Act regulate the prices for the rental apartments in the city.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Rental Apartment

• Check for the geographical features- this may include the people living in the neighborhood, the nearest private and public amenities, proximity from the nearest bus station if you do not own a car, car parking, and laundry facilities among others.

• Inspection of the apartments- furnished apartments and unfurnished ones too need special review since someone else was occupying the room earlier. Remember to check for bedbug infestation, pipes, sinks, electrical appliances, as well as windows and walls.

Renting an Apartment

The process of renting a house does not stop there; the property owners in downtown Toronto are strict when it comes to who is renting their apartments. Remember you are not the only one who wants to acquire the apartment. Therefore, you must be on your best behavior. You should be ready to provide information about your credit history, current residence, the source of income, and personal tastes and preferences. It is in the tenant’s best interest to give accurate information since that determine whether you get the apartment or not. If there is a mutual liking between the property owner and the tenant, the two parties take part in the negotiations for a lease


A lease is a document provided by the property owner that gives an outline of the tenant-landlord relationship. The contract consists of the rent payments, rules in ownership of a pet, smoking, as well as the start date of your lease with details on whether it is renewable or not. Always remember to read the clauses in the contract before signing it and also get a copy of the lease. For more information visit the Premiere Suites website.

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