Top 6 Reasons People Rent a Storage Unit

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Top 6 Reasons People Rent a Storage Unit

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Self storage units can the place where people store odd things like one facility owner who reported that a zoo once wanted to store a complete, unassembled whale skeleton in a rental unit. Mostly, people use storage units for common reasons.

Store Belongings During a Home Sale
Many homeowners take the advice of their realtor who will tell them to remove the clutter from their homes to stage it for sale. People are often surprised by what can accumulate in the home. Room accessories, sports equipment, old children’s toys and memorabilia are the kind of items that homeowners choose to remove so they can sell their home quickly.

Long-Term Storage
When the children are grown, many couples will decide to downsize their home. They don’t need the space that they once did for their family. Many older couples travel and want to keep their belongings safe while they’re out of the country. They might even be traveling by RV and need a place to store their belongings while on the road.

Storing Garden and Outdoor Furniture
Instead of storing your outdoor furniture or garden accessories in a garage, they can be stored in a storage unit. It frees up garage space for other things like the car in the winter. It’s much less work to open the garage doors and pull out the car than it is to scrape all the snow and ice off it in the winter.

Renovation Storage
When you’re renovating your home, there will be workers constantly in your space. Along with people in your home, there’s the unwanted dust and debris that accumulates on everything. If you store your precious items in a rental unit, you don’t have to worry about someone breaking it.

Motorcycles and Recreation Vehicles
In the off-season, you’ll need a place to store your bike or ATV. A storage unit is perfect for that reason. It’ll keep your vehicles safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about theft or storms ruining your vehicles. Some units are climate controlled, which will be good for the vehicle’s engine.

Business Supplies
If you’re running a business on the side, you might have stock and inventory that needs to be secured. While many people start a side business in their garage, it might be more convenient to hold excess inventory in a storage unit where it’ll be safe from theft as well as safe from the environment.

These are just a few of the reasons that you might need a self storage space near your home. It makes it easier to have a clutter-free home too.